Intezer x UnpacMe Integration

With Release 5.0.0 UnpacMe now supports direct integration with the community edition of the Intezer Analyze service! Scan your unpacked samples with Intezer Analyze; immediately identify malicious code and classify threats to their relevant malware families.

Intezer Analyze

Here at UnpacMe we are big fans of the Intezer Analyze service. We routinely use it to to help triage new malware and identify reused code between samples. We know that UnpacMe users like it too. Integration with Intezer has been one of our top requested features since we made our service public. This is why we are overjoyed to announce that release 5.0.0 of UnpacMe now has direct integration with Intezer Analyze!

Free Community Edition Account

If you don't already have an Intezer Analyze account, you can sign up for free! Intezer Analyze offers a free community edition account that allows 10 file analysis submissions per day and access to a wide range of analysis features.

Sign up for a Free Community Account.

Enable The Intezer Integration

To use the Intezer integration you will need to navigate to your UnpacMe account settings and add your Intezer Analyze API key to authorize your account.

Scanning Files With Intezer

Once you have enabled the Intezer integration your UnpacMe results will include an option to submit the results files to be scanned by Intezer. Submitted files will count against your Intezer Analyze quota.

When a file is scanned by Intezer a summary of the results are displayed directly in UnpacMe. The summary also includes a link to the full Intezer Analyze Report which can be used to gain more insight into the sample.

We hope you enjoy this integration as much as we do... XOXO UnpacMe.